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The NOCHASE Spike System in Independence, OH, Decreases Danger

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Increase the safety of each traffic stop, for officers and motorists alike, by using the NOCHASE spike system in Independence, OH. This innovative device is compact and easy to use, and since training is very simple, it means officers can begin using it shortly after receiving the unit.

We encourage you to look at the brochure, and you will see it’s a cost-effective purchase thanks to the durable construction. It’s lightweight - less than 8 lbs. - and easy to deploy, so officers will not hesitate to use it in all situations. It’s a highly visible deterrent to motorists that prevents them from fleeing and causing dangerous pursuits. This piece of safety equipment can be used on either side of a vehicle and mounted either internally or externally in a police vehicle.

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NOCHASE Spike System or Road Spike Strips
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By the Numbers

Fleeing motorists cause a great deal of costly damage and destruction each year. Across the US, law enforcement officers make 18 million traffic stops annually, and 65,000 drivers attempt to flee. More than 15,000 deaths and untold injuries have occurred from these chases, not to mention an incredible amount of property damage. As a result, many law enforcement agencies are limiting or banning pursuits. This simple remote-controlled spike strip can stop them before they even start. Order yours today for officer and pubic safety.

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NOCHASE Spike Systems Three NOCHASE Spike Systems
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