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The NOCHASE Spike System™ Brochure Featuring Road Spike Strips

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The NOCHASE Spike System or road spike strips is:

  • Compact and Easy to Use
    Simple, intuitive field operation means you can use NOCHASE to control every traffic stop and make training and deployment painless.
  • Lightweight Yet Tough
    Our rugged, durable steel and aluminum construction weighs less than 8lbs.
  • Cost-Effective
    NOCHASE will be one of your least costly pieces of gear but is a highly visible deterrent to fleeing motorists who would cost thousands of dollars in pursuit and property damage.
  • Configurable for Your Department's Needs
    Reversible for driver or passenger side approach, with internal and external vehicle mounting and case options.
Police Officer With NOCHASE Road Spike Strips NOCHASE (216) 769-4332Flat Tire Because of Road Spike Strips


NOCHASE Spike System or Road Spike Strips
Car Crash

Fleeing Motorists
By the Numbers

  • Every year in the U.Slaw enforcement officers make 18 million traffic stops, from which over 65,000 motorists flee.
  • Over 15,000 deaths and countless injuries have resulted from police chases (including LEOs, bystanders, other motorists, and perpetrators).
  • Police chases have resulted in billions of dollars in property and vehicle damage.
  • Many departments are instituting policies limiting or prohibiting chases.

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NOCHASE Infographic Featuring Road Spike Strips

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NOCHASE Spike Systems Three NOCHASE Spike Systems
NOCHASE Spike System Spikes NOCHASE Spike System Base Plate 400401 and 400402

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