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Stop the Chase with NOCHASE Spike System

Vehicle Flight Deterrent

Over 65,000 police chases start as traffic stops in the U.S. annually. What if there was a better way to go about such stops?

Fortunately, there is: the NOCHASE Spike System. Much like the spike strip used as a reactionary measure for high-speed chases, our spike system stops the chase before it even starts. We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a fully-functional vehicle flight deterrent for police forces countrywide. It is very quick and easy to operate and requires minimal training to deploy safely and effectively.

The NOCHASE Spike System is changing the way police officers think about safety. Handheld, lightweight, and easy to use, NOCHASE is designed to prevent drivers from fleeing the scene during traffic stops. Simply press the button and flip your wrist  – it's that simple.

While most motorists wouldn’t even think of trying to outrun the police, there’s always the chance it could happen. While a spike strip is a reactive measure, we’ve built our handheld system to be proactive. This helps deter people from fleeing the scene when being pulled over, which then improves the safety of the situation for highway patrol and police forces alike.

With no electronics required, NOCHASE is the perfect compromise of simplicity and safety. Sold exclusively to Law Enforcement Departments and Agencies, a portion of all NOCHASE sales goes toward law enforcement charities.

Saving Lives and Money

From a financial standpoint, your department or agency can easily incorporate this car disabling device into the budget and distribute models for each patrol car. By preventing dangerous chases, you drastically reduce the risks of expensive damage to property and vehicles. The money your department saves can be applied to other areas to further increase officer safety and the safety of the general public as well. It is a small product with a small price that can have an incredible, long-lasting impact.

Have your department contact us for more information and to purchase units.


Introducing our Tactical Version of The NOCHASE Spike System. Ideal for checkpoints, raids, and any undercover operations. Tactical Unit #100102

Find out how NOCHASE can change your approach to traffic stop safety.

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